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Assetinsure aims to deliver professional and effective claims support. To assist with the process, please provide details of your claim or surrounding circumstances where applicable so that all relevant aspects of your claim can be effectively addressed (e.g. mitigation, adjustment, recovery). We also refer to the Key Policies Section for important aspects in specific claims circumstances (e.g. Group Family Violence PolicyComplaints Handling Policy).

Assetinsure supports a number of underwriting agencies that write business on our behalf. The agencies generate and administer the business. Hence, for up to date claim forms please access their websites. These include:


Please go direct to https://www.enthusiast.com.au/claim/making-a-claim for instructions, contact details and claim forms.
Phone: 1800 10 10 45  or 02 8274 2897


Claim form for DBI click here. Complete, print and sign this form and return to us with all supporting documentation.
Please call us 03 9112 1026 or Email: claims@assetinsure.com.au 

Australian Owner Builders Insurance Services (AOBIS)

Please go to https://www.aobis.com.au to download claim forms.
Phone: 1300 850 131

Claim forms for Complete Strata Insurance Underwriting Pty Ltd, Insure That Pty Ltd and Custodian Underwriting Agency are available on request by emailing us at claims@assetinsure.com.au.

Contact Our Claims Team

T +61 2 9251 8055
E claims@assetinsure.com.au