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How long has Assetinsure been operating as a licensed general insurer?

Assetinsure has been an authorised general insurer in the Australian market since 2004 focusing on niche and specialist classes of business.

Is Assetinsure authorised by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)?

Yes, please visit www.APRA.gov.au

What does regulation by APRA involve?

As an entity licensed by APRA, the financial institution has to comply with rigorous standards such as Liability Valuation and Risk Management Standards, ongoing Reporting and Supervision Standards and Capital Adequacy requirements.

Where can I find Assetinsure corporate policies?

Please go to the section Media Releases & Key Policies on this website or click here.

Domestic Building Insurance FAQs

Is Assetinsure an approved insurer to offer Builders Warranty in Victoria?

Yes, Assetinsure is an APRA regulated Australian insurer which meets the requirements of Section 137AA of the Building Act 1993. It is approved under Point 2(a) as a “designated insurer”.

How can Assetinsure Pty Ltd know that I am a good builder to pre-approve me?

Assetinsure has know how in credit assessment and access to a wealth of data which allows us to assess and qualify builders.

I only do non-structural type work. Can I get a cheaper rate?

Yes, we have factored this in the rates.

Do you insure multi-unit sites?

Yes, however, if it is for more than 2 units on a site we require you to submit plans and documentation first for our perusal

How are you different to your competitor and why should we go with you?

Our rates are competitive and we are a smaller and nimbler organisation for the benefit of our customers.

How long will eligibility renewals take?

Unless there has been a significant change in your circumstances, we aim for seamless renewal of eligibility.

Can I get increase to the limits we have been given?

Limits are reviewed on a case by case basis.

Can you do all my insurances? E.g. Construction and Liability, Tools and Equipment etc.

Assetinsure is a specialist insurance company with particular interest in credit related risks. That is why we are focusing on DBI.

How do I obtain my certificates and how long will it take?

Once we have issued your eligibility, you will receive log on details to your account and can start issuing certificates immediately on-line.