Repair Policy

Policy last updated 29th June 2020

Assetinsure’s Repair Policy

It is Assetinsure’s policy to act honestly, fairly and be transparent with all parties involved in the repair process.
This policy specifies:

  • The standards Assetinsure expect from Repairers;
  • The guarantees Assetinsure makes in relation to Repairers;
  • The Dispute resolution process.

Code of Conduct

Assetinsure has adopted the “Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industry Code of Conduct” (The  Code). The Code aims to promote competition, fair trading and transparency within the respective industries while encouraging best practice for businesses in their dealings with other businesses and with consumers.

We will operate with high standards of honesty, integrity and good faith in conducting our business in the provision of service to customers and observe the Australian Law.

All of Assetinsure’s staff and our representatives will behave in a professional and courteous manner. This includes not engaging in, condoning, or permitting behaviour that is offensive, harassing, threatening, inappropriate, abusive, bullying or intimidating.

General Practice

Assetinsure’s intention is to ensure fairness in all dealings with repairers and clients and to ensure that the vehicle is properly restored to its pre-accident condition as quickly as possible. In implementing this intention:

  • Assetinsure will only authorise repairs by repairers who have the appropriate equipment and experience who can and will repair the vehicle to its pre-accident condition;
  • Assetinsure will maintain records on all repair transactions;
  • Assetinsure will act in a transparent, open and consultative manner with repairers and clients to keep all  dealings simple, direct and efficient;
  • Assetinsure will not make any unreasonable demands of repairers but Assetinsure reserves the right to  negotiate any costs that are unreasonable;
  • Assetinsure will provide the repairers relevant details regarding the Insurance claim that the repairer reasonably needs to prepare an estimate or undertake the repair. Where an estimate is sought:
      • We will ensure the estimation process is fair and transparent
      • We will require estimates that are comprehensive, complete, and inclusive of all obvious damage
  • Assetinsure reserves the right to obtain alternative quotations for repairs.
  • Assetinsure will authorise work to be done by the most competitive repairer provided they have the  necessary skill and equipment to reinstate the vehicle to its pre-accident condition.


Assetinsure engages only specialist and code approved motor vehicle assessors who are trained and have the appropriate technical knowledge and experience with motor assessing. An assessor will be appointed within twenty four hours of the notification of a claim. Assetinsure will ensure that the client is kept informed throughout the repair process.

Replacement Parts

It is Assetinsure’s policy to use genuine parts manufactured by the original manufacturer where they are available. When genuine parts are not available, Assetinsure will use non genuine or recycled parts provided they have been checked and approved by appropriate specialists. Assetinsure will not guarantee parts against normal wear and tear or deterioration due to age or other factors.

Choice of Repairer

Assetinsure acknowledges the customers’ right to select a repairer if they have the appropriate equipment and experience to repair the vehicle to its pre-accident condition. If the assessor wishes to use a particular repairer, Assetinsure reserves the right not to use this repairer if they believe they do not have the skills to complete the work. Assetinsure will ensure that sublet repairs are assessed and authorised in an expedient and efficient manner.

The Repair Process

Assetinsure recognises the importance of minimising the time it takes to repair a vehicle. Assetinsure will work closely with the assessor and repairer to affect the repairs in a timely manner without jeopardising the quality of the repairs. It is Assetinsure’s objective to return the vehicle to its preaccident condition. Assetinsure may have the vehicle inspected by its officers or agents as a quality control measure after repairs have been  affected.


Assetinsure will grant the benefit of all warranties on parts supplied by manufacturers and the benefit of any warranties provided by the repairer in respect of their workmanship.

Payments to Repairers

Assetinsure will affect settlement of any genuine tax invoice from a repairer within five working days providing:

  • The repair invoice corresponds with the original assessment and any subsequent adjustments agreed by the assessor;
  • The tax invoice is compliant with the requirements of the Australian Tax Office;
  • The tax invoice is for the amount due from Assetinsure i.e. after deduction of excess and any other contributions.
  • The tax invoice includes copies of tax invoices for any work that was sublet;
  • The tax invoice for tow and salvage accounts and photographs are included where applicable and are compliant with any State, Territory or Federal requirements;
  • There is a completed partial release for progress payments or a full release for final settlement, signed by the Insured

Dispute Resolution

Assetinsure Pty Ltd has implemented an internal review process before declining any claim. However, should a dispute arise on a claim or if you think that Assetinsure has let you down in any way, you can always contact us with your complaint and Assetinsure will deal with it in the manner outlined in the Insurance Council Code of Practice and in our complaints handling procedures which are on our website

Customers and repairers also have access to an External Dispute Resolution (EDR); see dispute resolution on the repairer’s code of conduct website Disputes have to be registered through this  website. Assetinsure will always deal fairly and promptly with any complaint that you might have.